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Since we operate exclusively on Saturdays and Sundays, our tables tend to fill up rather quickly. To ensure you don’t face any disappointment, we highly recommend booking your table in advance.

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While our club offers a spacious capacity for our patrons, it’s crucial to make reservations for your meal and table to ensure a satisfying experience and prevent any potential letdowns.

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The most popular

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Schnitzel and mash potato

Schnitzel and mashed potatoes are classic and beloved dishes that originate from European culinary traditions, particularly Czech, Slovak,German and Austrian cuisine.

knedlo zelo vepro

Czech knedlo-zelo-vepřo

Knedlo-Zelo-Vepřo is considered one of the quintessential Czech dishes traditional Czech dish that consists of roast pork (vepřové), sauerkraut (zelo), and dumplings (knedlíky). It’s a hearty and flavorful meal that reflects the rich culinary heritage of the Czech Republic..

bryndzove halusky

Slovak bryndzové halušky

Bryndzové Halušky is a traditional Slovak dish that holds a special place in Slovak cuisine. This dish is considered a national treasure in Slovakia and is celebrated as a symbol of Slovak identity. It’s commonly enjoyed during special occasions, festivals, and family gatherings.


From the GALA  (11.11.)  Menu

Šéfkuchař Štefan vajří svoje famozni jidla, knedlo vepřo zelo, Řízek a bramborový salát, jiternice, tlačenky a sýry. Bude plno…. Objednejte si stůl zde


Knedlo zelo vepřo

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Kuřecí řízek, bramborový salát

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Věnečky, punčové řezy

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czech slovaks


 Likérove špičky a laskonky

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Studené mísy

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Today’s Special Offer!

plnene knedliky

Buy 3 Beers, Get 1 Free

Indulge in the authentic taste of Czech beer with our special offer – purchase three pints on tap and enjoy an extra bonus with a complimentary scooner.


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What our customers are saying!

These desserts were a hit at our party! People couldn’t get enough of them. We’ll definitely order more next time.”

Jirka V

“These treats were amazing! Not too sweet, just right. Everyone loved them.”

Jana P

“I took these desserts for a special occasion at my house, and they were even better than I hoped. They looked and tasted fantastic. All my guests were asking for more!”

Karl K

Restaurant Hours

Monday – Friday: 11am – 9pm

Saturday & Sunday: 11am – 5pm



320 Devonshire Rd
Kemps Creek 2171 NSW





During the last weekend club event, we remarkably sold 450 of these delishes desserts within just two days. This impressive demand underscores the popularity and appeal of our sweet offerings among club members.It’s a testament to the quality and taste that keeps our patrons coming back for more.