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Since we currently operate exclusively on  Sundays, our tables tend to fill up rather quickly. To ensure you don’t face any disappointment, we highly recommend booking your table in advance.

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While our club offers a spacious capacity for our patrons, it’s crucial to make reservations for your meal and table to ensure a satisfying experience and prevent any potential letdowns.

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Schnitzel and mash potato

Schnitzel and mashed potatoes are classic and beloved dishes that originate from European culinary traditions, particularly Czech, Slovak,German and Austrian cuisine.

knedlo zelo vepro

Czech knedlo-zelo-vepřo

Knedlo-Zelo-Vepřo is considered one of the quintessential Czech dishes traditional Czech dish that consists of roast pork (vepřové), sauerkraut (zelo), and dumplings (knedlíky). It’s a hearty and flavorful meal that reflects the rich culinary heritage of the Czech Republic..

bryndzove halusky

Slovak bryndzové halušky

Bryndzové Halušky is a traditional Slovak dish that holds a special place in Slovak cuisine. This dish is considered a national treasure in Slovakia and is celebrated as a symbol of Slovak identity. It’s commonly enjoyed during special occasions, festivals, and family gatherings.


From the GALA  (11.11.2023)  Menu


Knedlo zelo vepřo

“Knedlíky” – dumplings: These are soft and fluffy bread dumplings made from a mixture of flour, water or milk, eggs, and sometimes yeast. The dough is formed into balls or loaves, boiled, and then sliced before serving.

“Zelo” – sauerkraut: This is finely shredded cabbage that has been fermented with salt and sometimes other seasonings. It has a tangy flavor and is often cooked with onions and spices.

“Vepřo” – pork: This refers to the pork meat component of the dish, which is typically served in the form of roasted or braised pork shoulder or loin. The meat is seasoned with salt, pepper, and sometimes garlic or other herbs before cooking.


Kuřecí řízek, bramborový salát

“Kuřecí řízek” is “Chicken schnitzel” and “bramborový salát” is “potato salad” in English.


Věnečky, punčové řezy

Věnečky and punčové řezy are traditional Czech and Slovak pastries that are popular especially during the Christmas holidays.


czech slovaks


 Likérové špičky a laskonky

Plněné Špičky: Delicate cone-shaped pastries filled with sweet cream or fruit, offering a light and creamy texture with a hint of sweetness.

Laskonky: Delicate almond meringue cookies filled with cream or ganache, renowned for their crispy exterior, chewy interior, and intense almond flavor.



Jiternice is a traditional sausage made from pork meat, offal (often including liver and lungs), and spices, typically seasoned with garlic, marjoram, and black pepper. The mixture is stuffed into natural casings, then boiled or simmered until fully cooked. Once cooked, jiternice is usually served sliced and accompanied by bread, mustard, and pickles. It’s a hearty and flavorful dish enjoyed especially during colder months or festive occasions in Czech and Slovak cuisine.





Studené mísy

“Studené mísy,” or cold plates, are traditional appetizers consisting of an assortment of cold cuts, cheeses, pickles, and other accompaniments served on a platter. Typical components may include various types of cured meats such as ham, salami, and sausages, along with slices of cheese, hard-boiled eggs, pickled vegetables like cucumbers and peppers, and fresh vegetables such as tomatoes and lettuce. These plates are often served with bread or rolls and are popular at gatherings, parties, and celebrations as a flavorful and satisfying starter that allows guests to sample a variety of Czech and Slovak flavors in one sitting


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These desserts were a hit at our party! People couldn’t get enough of them. We’ll definitely order more next time.”

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“These treats were amazing! Not too sweet, just right. Everyone loved them.”

Jana P

“I took these desserts for a special occasion at my house, and they were even better than I hoped. They looked and tasted fantastic. All my guests were asking for more!”

Karl K

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